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It's been a really important part of our relationship ever since."So how does one become a cannabis-friendly life and dating coach, exactly?"There were none of them out there before I came along," she says, laughing.With a site like My420Mate, I felt I would have an avenue to meet other cannabis users, and I didn't have to feel judged or explain myself."Free app High There!bills itself as a social network for the cannabis community."I just had the perfect background and perfect experience to fill a need that wasn't being filled.I realized there was this huge demographic of more white-collar cannabis users that just wasn't being catered to."Peckler says that, regardless of how you go about meeting the love of your life, if cannabis consumption is an important part of your life, it's best to be upfront about it with any potential mate."It's just about ripping off the Band-Aid and being honest and open," she says." for people they don't want to get to know and "High There! "In terms of the dating, what I'll do is I'll help people to figure out what they need in a compatible partner, and then I will help develop and implement online and offline dating strategies, so they can meet someone locally and bond over cannabis."Peckler herself has been married for five years and with her husband for 11 years altogether.She says she and her husband initially bonded over their shared affinity for marijuana."The first time we met, we smoked weed together. "We would spend hours just chatting over a bowl of weed getting to know each other, and this was before we even kissed.

According to Match.com's Singles in America survey, which surveyed more than 5,500 U. singles in 2015, 70 percent of all singles said it's a turnoff if a potential romantic partner regularly smokes marijuana.Now, the marijuana industry has made it easy for you by putting all the single marijuana enthusiasts in one place.There are now dating websites for those who appreciate having the presence of a third, Mary Jane, in their relationship."If someone has an issue with you consuming cannabis, you can have an interesting conversation there, but it's also maybe a sign that some of your other core values may not be aligned."Safran says the same applies for those who don't consume marijuana."If you are someone who is uncomfortable with someone who does marijuana a few times a year, then you may want to bring that up within the first few dates, " Safran says."As of now, I feel that it's a conversation like about drinking.Co-founder and CEO Darren Roberts says the app has attracted nearly 300,000 users, mostly in the U. Dating is only one component of the app."It's not just about meeting and dating," he says.

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