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Family-orientated Waking up in an unfamiliar place and gaining a new 'body', Harry was thrust into another world by the Gatekeeper of the Veil.

Poświęcenie się Tony'ego sprawia, że jego pobyt w więzieniu zaczyna się od oswobodzenia kogoś.

Niektóre będą krótsze, niektóre dłuższe, raz lepsze lub gorsze, nie pamiętam już skąd ten pomysł ale zamierzam je wszystkie napisać.

(Co Written with North Peach and SO AU)Harry James Potter.

The thought never really crossed her mind - that is until she was suddenly a cripple.

When he wakes up, he's in the body of Sawada Nana, mother of a 2 year old Tsuna, and those regrets become tenfold.

In which Tom is the DADA professor at Hogwarts, secretly recruiting followers for his future army, and Harry is the worst Divination professor ever, accidentally messing up Tom's plans.

Omegaverse - When Pidge admits to the team that she's a female alpha and not a male one, the team realizes Lance is also hiding something.

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