Abc ipad app not updating


ABCmouse sounded interesting, so I decided to register for my four-year old son.He really enjoys playing games on playstation, i Pad and online (ie Fisherprice, Cartnoon Network).Unfortunately, I found the valuable features bogged down and buried by an overabundance of clickables. It's challenging enough to guide a preschooler's focus, but so much more difficult when his attentions are tugged in a million different directions!Overall, I found ABCmouse to be oversaturated with available activities.

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I can't say enough for the public library system.

Right off the bat, ABCmouse's visuals and interactivity engaged my son.

He wanted to try everything: songs, puzzles, painting, stories, games....

We canceled our trial membership early because my almost 4 year old found the site too difficult to navigate.

He had a hard time working the mouse and following their "path".

Irregardless--I canceled my trial membership early, even got a "why are you leaving survey" and they kept billing me. After 6 months he never wanted to play it, so we cancelled....several times. We still get billed every month, we have called and emailed our cancellation multiple times. When they did use it, we didn't find it to be all that educational. We have plenty of much much better (and free) sites to use.

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