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I was eager to explore, too, after helping him choose his avatar and pet.

Our Pre-K method is daily, cumulative practice, so ABCmouse's "stepping stone" format seemed like it would be a good fit. ABCmouse has an impressive scope and sequence, and offers a lot in terms of effective educational material.

If you can't do that, then check out Umizoomi videos at the library and check out a few beginner books.

Overall, I found ABCmouse to be oversaturated with available activities.The program is fine and the kids (7 & 3) get on it every now and then (since we are still paying for the stupid thing), but it's certainly not worth the 4 we've been billed so far. I registered for ABCmouse's 30-day trial membership to evaluate it as a supplement to my preschooler's readiness education.We also use Time4Learning and Starfall, so these other two sites were my basis for comparison.After completing the "art activity", it wouldn't allow us to move forward unless we saved the darn thing.I customized the activities to exlude all coloring, but still, it just seemed so slow and boring.Right off the bat, ABCmouse's visuals and interactivity engaged my son.

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