All my friends are dating except me

No matter what they were like, he would find a reason to dislike them.

He said it was because he was just being protective, but it was obvious that it was more than that.

Of course this doesn't automatically mean he likes you, but if he regularly talks about really deep stuff with you, has cried or gotten very emotional in front of you and talks to you first about everything, it's a good sign he likes you as more than a buddy.

Source: Shutter Stock Do you think any of your guy friends like you?

Much earlier this year, a study came out that said that men and women can never be “just friends” because one of them will always want something more with the other one, whether they realize it or not.

If not, it's probably because he's waiting for you.If a guy only likes you as a friend, he really won't care THAT much about the other crushes you have.Source: Shutter Stock Pay attention to how your guy friend listens to you.So, what should I do while I’m waiting for my love story to begin?It can be pretty tough when all of your friends are dating and you’re still waiting for your Prince Charming to show up.And if he jokes around a lot about hooking up and stuff, he's probably not joking.

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