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There are no right or wrong answers to the questions posed above.The important thing is that you and your partner discuss them in full and reach a shared sense of agreement on each of these important subjects.For example, a cuckold might want to sit in the room and watch while you fuck his wife and bring her to orgasm in front of his eyes.Some couples are seeking a ‘pinch-hitter’ to provide physical intimacy for a wife whose husband has become unable due to disability or other reasons.These are not quality relationships to become involved with and you should always be looking careful about the intentions of any couple you arrange to meet, and be especially certain that everyone involved is as enthusiastic as you are to be meeting new people for an adult arrangement as part of your swinging lifestyle. There definitely is an unspoken code of conduct and some simple manners to abide by if you want to become popular among swinger social circles.

Most swingers are involved in a relationship of two or more people already and are seeking new partners to play with, but there are also a significant number of singles interested in striking up some involvement with an already attached couple.

Single male swingers are often referred to as Stags and single female swingers are frequently described as ‘Polys’ (for their polyamorous approach to sex).

This is without any doubt the single most important step to becoming a successful set of swingers as a preformed couple.

Have you discussed where you will find partners or where you will refrain from searching?

Are you seeking a full time relationship with someone new or are you both wanting a more casual no strings attached arrangement?

Often there is a social stigma attached to the Swing lifestyle from ‘squares’ that do not participate in these kinds of activities.

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