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However, many times Jim Longworth travels north to cities such as Ocala or Cassadaga, which are 3-4 hours away from any coastal Everglades cities.

Not enough time has passed in the episode to allow for these trips there and back.

She was a tomboy who grew up feeling misunderstood and unappreciated by her family, so I think this is her way of rebelling, of trying to find her own way.See more » ] Some say I don't play well with others.I was a damned good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.TVLINE When he resurfaced, what kind of feelings went through her head? She tries to tell Alvey over and over again, “This is not someone I should be near.” That we should not just invite him back into the fold. So her dreams are really big and she’s on that path. What would you have liked to explore if the show had moved forward?I think that there are certain people that have such a power over you, you can’t be in the same room as them because you’re afraid of what you’ll do. I was really interested in seeing Manus’ home life and more of Carlos’ home life and sort of deeper character work with the other people at the [police] station.It’s going to be different from what her parents had wanted or wished for her.

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