Are miley and justin dating

Their commitment to each other sounds really awesome to the fans.

This couple has shared both sweet and bitter memories with each another.

Miley and Justin have been friends for a long time now, so we could easily mistake their intimate friendship for something a little more… We wouldn’t want any false alarms like their have been in the past. Is it just me or do Justin and Miley look one and the same from behind?

Judging by Miley’s new blonde doo and Justin’s well, typical ‘Bieber’ hair, the two can hardly be told apart. Apparently they also attract since Justin and Miley subconsciously chose the same hairstyle!

This sultry actress Miley Cyrus, 24 and handsome young man Liam Hemsworth, 27 are truly in love with each other.

They have already decided not to make the mistake as they did before.

We can’t wait to see where paparazzi will find them spending time together next.

Miley Cyrus has been involved in many relationships during in her lifetime.

This sizzling actress used to be a desire for many young men until she exchanged her ring with the dashing handsome Liam Hemsworth.

Ever since Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber were spotted flirting at Breacher’s Madhouse on Sunday and allegedly spent private time together afterwards, suspicions of dating have escalated. Sure enough, his leopard-printed Audi R8 was spotted by paparazzi and he was none other than caught red-handed.

But, we can’t really be sure of anything unless the pair confirms their lovey-dovey status themselves (that might be a tough one). Looks like Justin and Miley have been doing a lot of one on one recently.

and spending a lot of time together leads to who knows what else? So, in other words he’s probably looking for some “southern hospitality” if you know what I mean. Whether the two stars left the club together or simply walked out together is unclear, but a source later reported Miley and Justin spending more time together later that night.

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