Bitdefender antivirus plus 2016 not updating

To verify whether this was hardware, software, my ISP, or the Steam servers I booted up my secondary PC which does not have Bitdenfender and tried downloading the same game from Steam and found I was getting my full speed. Going through the Bitdefender forums again, I found that running the Bitdefender "Repair" would be my next step.

After following the instructions and restarting my computer to complete the repair the Bitdefender Firewall was not able to activate.

I contacted Microsoft support and after some back and forth of checking options and re-trying several steps they concluded that I would need to re-install Windows.

After re-installing Windows and activating the Windows Firewall and installing MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) I have zero issues with startup time or connection speed, which leads me to believe the problems all originated with the Bitdefender program.

Unfortunately the support person could only offer to have a tech remote connect to my PC (for an additional fee) to see if they could resolve the problem.

I'm far too paranoid to allow that and asked if their tech could talk my through what they would like to check and do over the phone as I'm not exactly computer illiterate.

I was not able to find an option do temporarily disable Bitdenfender so I used the removal tool again and uninstalled.

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Sorry for the massive wall of text, I hope the paragraph breaks made it readable enough for some of you to get through You're just getting paranoid.

I also don't think that being disappointed with serious and very noticeable performance impacts are paranoid.

I am dissatisfied and unhappy, not worried or scared.

They said they were not able to do that and they were sorry but they had no other solutions to offer me.

I then tried to load a restore point but was met with the "System Restore did not complete successfully" message.

A couple days later when the problem seemed to return (slow internet and connection to site speeds) I needed to re-download a game from Steam.

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