Bitdefender antivirus plus 2016 not updating


I was not able to find an option do temporarily disable Bitdenfender so I used the removal tool again and uninstalled.After cycling through the re-boot process I then re-booted in safe mode and tried a system restore again but met with the same failure.

As soon as I installed I noticed the time it took my browser(s) to load a webpage (tested sites several and used as a reference) went from immediate to taking between 10-15 seconds.Once completed this changed nothing and my PC was even slower to boot (over 45 seconds to desktop) and loading web pages took /- 1 minute.I contacted Bitdefender support by phone and they listened patiently as I explained the problems and the steps I had already taken.To verify whether this was hardware, software, my ISP, or the Steam servers I booted up my secondary PC which does not have Bitdenfender and tried downloading the same game from Steam and found I was getting my full speed. Going through the Bitdefender forums again, I found that running the Bitdefender "Repair" would be my next step.After following the instructions and restarting my computer to complete the repair the Bitdefender Firewall was not able to activate.You can try every antivirus out there and you will notice the same.

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