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The barrister even used images from her social media of her practicing yoga, claiming that it showed how her life had returned 'to some normality'.She told The Sun: 'I felt quite violated when they brought up the yoga because that's been the main thing getting me through this.'I felt so violated that they brought that up.What you put out on social media is you trying to be that confident girl.'During Collin's trial, Phoebe gave an impact statement and described to the court how she had been left in a hospital bed for weeks after the attack.'I mourn the old Phoebe,' she said. I grieve for her everyday.'Physically and mentally I will never be the same.

His actions are something he is going to have to live with.'And also the scars I have been left with are something I am going to have look at every time I look in the mirror; every time I get changed; every time I take my clothes off.'We have been left with permanent scars for the rest of our lives. But I am very pleased with the sentence that he has received today.' Lauren Trent was another one of the clubbers injured and gave an emotional account of how her birthday night out turned to horror in court.I was scared, traumatised and helpless.'I thought my pain and suffering would never end.My entire summer was filled with trips to hospital and therapy treatment.Miss Trent told the court: 'It was 1.45am in the morning, that's the time my parents received a phone call from me.Imagine that phone call was your daughter on her 22nd birthday, and you were stuck two hours away in your home town.'She tells you her skin is coming off in her hands from her neck.Judge Lucas continued: 'Having thrown acid in the darkness of that club, you slunk away into the rear where you hid and pretended to be unconnected to the mayhem you caused.'While making much of the harsh circumstances of your arrest, you have demonstrated not the least remorse.'It was a deliberate and calculating act and you were intent on causing really serious harm to your victims.' One of the victims, Sophie Hall, spoke outside court after the hearing and said her attacker has not shown 'any signs of remorse'.

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