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Andre Phoenix, 21, of Tottenham, north London, was in the club and cleared of four counts of GBH with intent, four alternative counts of unlawfully inflicting GBH, and two counts of ABH.

Judge Lucas said: 'You crept around behind Mr Phoenix and deliberately threw what you knew to be strong acid directly towards Mr Brown's face.'In throwing acid three times you displayed not the least concern for those on who the acid would land.' He said Collins knew 'precisely' the effects of strong acid.

His family wept and shouted 'love you, Arth' after the sentence was delivered by the judge.

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But I am growing stronger every day.'Rejecting a life sentence, although the attack was 'utterly despicable and life changing', the judge said 'no one was blinded permanently and life itself was not in danger'. Judge Lucas added: 'The carrying and use of corrosive fluid is now a significant and growing problem in London, and in particular in the east of London.'I am quite satisfied the sentences I pass on Mr Collins will amply convey to the wider community the seriousness the courts will treat such offending.'He said Collins had carried it out because of 'some minor perceived slight'.

The CCTV showed the wholly cowardly nature of the attack.

'Mr Collins' contrived defence is in my judgment significant.

He also said Collins, the father of Miss Mc Cann's baby daughter, has not shown the 'slightest remorse' after the 'deliberate and calculated attack'.

One of his victims, Sophie Hall, said those who were injured had 'been left with permanent scars for the rest of our lives' after the sentencing hearing.

Judge Lucas said: 'Your case has attracted a great deal of public interest.

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