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American military leaders launched an investigation into security at the neighbouring bases after an earlier insider attack by a disgruntled Afghan interpreter.The man drove a pick-up truck at a reception party as it waited on Bastion airfield for the arrival of Leon Panetta, then American defence secretary.Since the attack orders have been changed so that all watchtowers are manned.Once inside the wire there were few barriers to the airfield, despite earlier warnings, and the attackers found their path clear to their target.The report found US commanders had underestimated the enemy and should not have relied so heavily on British protection.The authors stressed they would “not draw findings regarding the effectiveness or efficiency of UK forces”, but said their findings should be forwarded to the Mo D for “review and action as appropriate”.

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British and Tongan forces were responsible for securing the Bastion perimeter.

A spokesman said: “The attack was repelled by US Marines and RAF Regiment personnel whose courageous actions prevented greater loss of life and equipment.” He said the UK had cooperated with Nato and US reviews of what had gone wrong.

He said: “As a result, force protection measures at Camp Bastion have been reviewed and are appropriate to current threat levels.

They also found no evidence British commanders had shifted security from the perimeter to guard Prince Harry during his tour as an Apache helicopter gunship co-pilot.

The Mo D declined to comment on the report findings.

The Mo D declined to say if British commanders had also been disciplined.

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