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Although they work long hours, the couple tries to spend as much time together as they can while deployed.“I know it’s kind of funny, but that’s another way to spend time with him.” The military lifestyle can be difficult for any marriage, especially when both are on active duty, but Jeff is thankful to have his wife around for moral support, especially since they are both separated from their young son.During their current deployment, Jeff and Chat are fortunate enough to work in the same compound, but have very different jobs within 1st MLG (FWD).

After reading the report, the commandant of the US Marine Corps this week sacked Maj Gen Charles Gurganus and Maj Gen Gregg Sturdevant for failing to safeguard the base.

Ghost town: A two-story facility in Helmand Province will now likely be demolished because American troops are being pulled out of the region, and it will be too expensive for the fledgling Afghan army to maintain 'One senior U. military official told me that this facility was designed for a military division that was never deployed and, subsequently, a decision was made not to construct the facility, but inexplicably the building construction started and is now complete.'Obviously it would be better for the nascent national army to take advantage of the facility, but more problems lie there simply because it was built to high American standards with strong air conditioning units that require significant- and expensive- electricity, meaning the upkeep would be costly for the Afghans.

The military spent million on a repair facility that was intended to fix armored vehicles, but now it is being used as a staging area to sort through military equipment due to be shipped out of the country.

“The US review was intended to examine US actions only and not those of coalition forces.

“However, the UK will consider the findings of this review.

The Ministry of Defence, which says that US soldiers are still training Afghan forces nearby, said in response to the new footage: "The UK has a long term commitment to build a more secure, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

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