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A few days after the news, I found myself outside Kirsty's home.As I let myself into the silent house, picking up her Christmas cards left on the doormat, the sense of desolation was overwhelming.To function as doctors, the movie’s heroes have to become outlaws in their own hospital.Chief among the rebel healers is Leonard Sturgess (Ray Liotta), a crusading surgeon who’s an old hand at stealing supplies and forging documents.Presents left on the office floor were waiting for her to wrap.

What I do remember is that I screamed as a terrible well of grief opened up under me.In the ridiculous, shoot-the-works finale, the villainous hospital chief (John Mahoney) is exposed and reprimanded by a high-ranking Washington official.Didn’t it occur to the filmmakers that it’s the government’s policy — and not some hog-tied administrator — that’s responsible for the situation they so glibly assail?Other family members arrived to be with us, friends dropped by and then the boys' friends from Bedales School started coming.I am sure their presence was vital to the boys in those early days of grief.Although I knew in my head she had died, it seemed the sort of inscription to be found on headstones, and usually for old people.

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