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A powerboat hit her while she was in the water.' I don't remember the rest of the conversation.

What I do remember is that I screamed as a terrible well of grief opened up under me.

Now, alone at home and lost in thought, I was startled by the telephone ringing at such a late hour.

After the pathologist's initial report (which ended with the words 'this is an accident that should never have happened'), it was arranged for Kirsty's body to be flown home after Christmas.

But meanwhile there was Christmas itself to get through.

Although I knew in my head she had died, it seemed the sort of inscription to be found on headstones, and usually for old people.

I wished I had died in her place - but then I realised I was needed to make life tolerable for her children.

The hospital here is a cartoon of bureaucratic inefficiency: It’s so badly run that the patients seem lucky if they can get an aspirin.

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