Consolidating 4

"Elections aren't cheap," said Jaime Diaz, the deputy county clerk in Bernalillo County.

Diaz said it can cost between 0,000 and 0,000 just to hold an APS/CNM election, and the schools pay most of the bill.

As they continue to eliminate their business competition through buyouts or forcing them out (because they lack the resources or finances) the companies left dominate the media industry and create a media oligopoly.

Media integrity is at risk when small number of companies and individuals control the media market.

Media integrity refers to the ability of a media outlet to serve the public interest and democratic process, making it resilient to institutional corruption within the media system, economy of influence, conflicting dependence and political clientelism.

Media integrity is especially endangered in the case when there are clientelist relations between the owners of the media and political centres of power.

Such negative effects that could come into play are lack of competition and diversity as well as biased political views.

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Media mergers have become more prevalent in recent years, which has people wondering about the negative effects that could be caused by media ownership becoming more concentrated.Besides the savings to taxpayers, Diaz hopes the change will also increase voter turnout. "To consolidate these elections into one day, to give the voter the opportunity to take one day in the odd-number years to go vote for everything they're qualified for in one day, at one location." Cities around the state can also opt into the consolidated elections in November.Otherwise municipal elections will be held in March.Create ship requests with one click, receive package alert push notifications, and capture and upload invoices on the go!Download the App We are committed to providing the fastest shipping options available. Susana Martinez signed the Local Election Act into law Wednesday.

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