Consolidating survey results excel


In particular, a correlation matrix will often reveal where different questions in your survey have relationships to one another.

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Every situation is unique and you should spend a bit of time thinking about the kinds of people who might be under represented in your survey results.

Pay attention to cases where your n is low and realize that the conclusions you draw from the results for these smaller groups of employees are less certain than for larger groups.

If you included demographic questions in your survey, then you may have a pretty good idea of who your respondents are, but keep in mind ways in which the respondents might not represent all of the people in your "population".

If your response rate was less than 65% - 70%, this could be an indication of problems with the survey process itself (e.g.

poor communication), or it could indicate a problem with employee attitudes and levels of engagement.

Whether you are looking at results from "all respondents" or just a demographic slice, you need to be sure enough employees responded to make the survey results statistically meaningful. There is no hard and fast rule, but more is better.

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