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Pay attention to cases where your n is low and realize that the conclusions you draw from the results for these smaller groups of employees are less certain than for larger groups.

If you included demographic questions in your survey, then you may have a pretty good idea of who your respondents are, but keep in mind ways in which the respondents might not represent all of the people in your "population".

Otherwise, hopefully, you read our article, Writing Effective Survey Questions, before you started collecting data so this won't be a problem for you.

If your employee survey questions are benchmarked, focus on the benchmark scores.

For example, if you have just 10 respondents and they all said "strongly disagree" then you can probably trust that, but if just 7 out of 10 said "strongly disagree" then you might want to collect more data to be sure there is a trend there.What you are seeing in these patterns is that people just did not understand the question or that different people interpreted the question differently.If you conducted an employee satisfaction survey and you used survey questions from a questionnaire or template that has been statistically validated, then you don't need to worry about these things.Company culture can have an impact on employee survey response rates.For example, if there is a low level of trust among employees, they may not feel comfortable sharing their opinions in a survey.(see also - Identifying Employee Engagement Priorities) Some of your greatest opportunities to understand what employees are thinking will come from the comments that they have provided.

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