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Fair and reasonable profits are the just reward for serving greatly.

We’ve selected the words Higher Power to use throughout this book, although we encourage you to translate the concept into whatever specific words have the most meaning for you personally.

Take it from two authors who know firsthand: You can. But, independent of each other and over time, these two men came up with principles for helping both themselves and others. Or did they do something illegal or immoral or unethical to get it? Aren’t you more honest, ethical, hardworking, and humble than they are? It’s the wealth that was reserved for you from before you were born. You came into this world with all of the necessary talents to open your own vault.

Mark Victor Hansen is coauthor of the phenomenally successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Robert G. They began conducting their business lives along enlightened lines, and since then their joy and their wealth have grown exponentially. A little voice inside you may be saying, “Why do they have so much? Life will teach you some more of the essential codes.

Once you determine what you love to do (and the pages ahead have dozens of tips for doing so), you enlighten your journey with the fire of your true passion. How sad it would be to realize, too late, that you could have lived a more prosperous, abundant lifestyle without sacrificing anything that you now hold dearyour values, your health, your spirituality, your freedom, your friends and family.

Yes, this is going to take determination and hard work, but once you’ve cracked the Millionaire Code, all your effort will seem “right” in a way that it never did before. Here’s a shocking thought: you could actually be happier, healthier, more spiritual, more friendly, more free, more able to do more good for the planet if you learned how to crack the code to your own, personalized wealth vault!

By using your total talents at their highest and best levels, you will be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled, and your contributions will leave a lasting legacy.

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