Dating ball ideal jars


Four have a number on the bottom, one has a raised C shaped bump off to the side.All have seams, which tells me they were maybe blown into or cast in a mold.They have been in my kitchen now for over a decade and who knows how long they were in my grandparents canning room so I thought today was the day that I scour the internets trying to find some backstory on this wonderful piece of history.Jar 1: Ball Perfect Mason Mold #11 (1910-1923) Jar 2: Ball Ideal Mold #7?? (1923-1933) It’s pretty easy to see the difference between the two in the “Ball” script.Jar 1 has “ascender” on the letter “a” in Ball as well as a full underscore line under the whole word “Ball”. Either way, I dusted them off, cleaned them up and now they reside back on my kitchen shelf where they belong. My goal is to get one from every “era” based on their script style.According to a few sites I’ve read that immediately dates it somewhere between 1910-1923. The patent date is just that, it also doesn’t “date” when the jar was made. Have a look at how to date them and the difference in the script style: Bob Clay – Dating Ball Jars Recycling Mason Jars While I’m going to leave mine as is, I couldn’t help but love these Recycled Mason Jar Lights from Lamp Goods on Etsy. The second jar has an “open B” in the word “Ball” and no underscore. Also, the numbers on the bottom of the jars just mean the mold number and unfortunately don’t help date the jars any better but I thought it was interesting that the second jar’s bottom number doesn’t really look like a number.

Here is a good history of the Ball Jar, on dates and producition that will help you determine the date of your jars.. The approximately 1" circular mark seen on the bases of some early Ball jars indicates machine manufacture and is a VALVE mark, which let air trapped between the mould and jar to escape during production.

I have always liked glassware, usually various colors and shapes and have taken to collecting odd vases and jars through the years.

A few years ago, my grandparents gifted me a few of their old Mason Ball jars they had stored in the basement.

Sometimes, these are also seen with the underscore disconnected from the word Ball. .c1913-1914 Ball PERFECT MASON jars began appearing with the PERFECT offset to the right of the word MASON.

These are not "error embossing jars" as some think.

The embossing was centered starting in about 1915..

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