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We also give out free candy and cookies, and who doesn’t love that?

The amenities at Liberty will provide a luxury that is the cherry on top of this delicious sundae of an apartment. We enjoy providing these amenities to our residents to enhance their social experience.

On-course Water Stations The 10K has two on-course water stations.

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They are working on remodeling the apartments, some of which are already finished and look fantastic.

After 30 days the picture will be dropped, but the remaining booking information will stay on the web site for one year, at which time it will also drop from the site.

If you click on the name link, you will be taken to that actual booking.

Liberty on Freedom provides 40-inch LED flat screen televisions in every unit. Don’t just study in your room all day, take advantage of these cutting-edge amenities.

We hope that part of your Independence Day celebration includes our Freedom Run 10K, 5K or the Mayor’s one mile Fun Run. We encourage you to get decked out in patriotic garb for the run. Runner positioning should coincide with your bib number.

Remember: your official chip timing does not start until you cross the start mat, so keeping an order to the speed of runners keeps the race flowing smoothly!

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