Dating game music cues


Yep, Bold and the Beautiful and Guiding Light have both featured Sonic Librarian cues from CD#9: Divine Inspiration Sonic Librarian has been featured in promos for new ABC shows WIPEOUT and THE MOLEAMERICAN IDOL featured Sonic Librarian’s cue “Revenge of Marwan” in their promos during David Cook’s run to glory. CBS drives it’s action promos for CSI, The Unit, Cold Case, NCIS and Shark using cues from Sonic Librarian’s SWELLS FROM HELL CDs Kids Love Sonic Librarian! CUE: Mile High Club COMPOSER: Chris Mc Lernon SL cue “Reign of Kayra” (Vol 25) was featured in a trailer for NATIONAL TREASURE 2: BOOK OF SECRETS.

24, Bones, Kitchen Nightmares and Human Target have all featured Sonic!

There is some tepidity here and there (), but surrounding fill more than makes up for it.

Any time a Monday puzzle takes me more than 3 minutes, that means it's leaning tough for me.

has added Sonic Librarian to their new show Keeping Up With The Kardashians Spike’s new series “Murder” features Sonic Librarian’s cue “Zero Hour” in every episode!

There are many Sonic Librarian cues to be heard on MTV’s The Real World & Road Rules …airing now!

Today, the longer Downs (which required a few crosses in most cases) were enough to ensure a little slowage, and then there were some clues that seemed less-than-straightforward.

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