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The bravery displayed in this story reflects a view of Lois common in the Modern Age of superhero comics, in which many consider her to be as much of a hero as those who wear capes and tights. She’s not faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but she’s just as committed to truth and justice through her tireless reporting, and just as willing to put herself in harm’s way to help someone.Lois is reckless and passionate for all the right reasons, and while those qualities sometimes get her in trouble, they only further endear her to her legions of fans.

Ignoring the warnings of a fellow reporter sheltered with her in a safe zone, Lois ran to the soldier and dragged him to safety, but got shot in the process.

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Lois was a perpetual damsel in distress, and for vast swaths of her history she existed only to be captured and to then call out for Superman, who would swoop in to save her from certain doom. An explosion and sniper fire rocked her unit, and after the initial attack waned, Lois noticed that one of the soldiers was still alive and needed assistance.

The perpetual duality of Lois Lane creates an ebb and flow in her overall narrative, and each era of the character is rife with complications.

As such, she embodies the progress and struggles of American women, an ongoing cycle of advances and setbacks.

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