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When the goals have been achieved or further benefits can no longer be obtained, the physical therapist shall inform and discharge the patient/client.When the diagnosis is not clear or the required intervention/treatment is not within the realm of physical therapist practice, the physical therapist shall inform the patient/client and facilitate a referral to other professionals.Physical therapists shall: The ethical principles governing the practice of physical therapy shall take precedence over any business or employment practice.Where such conflict arises, the physical therapist shall make all efforts to rectify the matter, seeking the assistance of the national physical therapy association if required.Physical therapists shall not delegate to another health professional or support worker any activity that requires the unique skill, knowledge and judgement of the physical therapist.If the patient/client has been referred to the physical therapist by a medical or other practitioner and the treatment programme prescribed is not appropriate in the judgement of the physical therapist, then the physical therapist should consult with the referring practitioner.

They make independent judgements in the provision of services for which they have knowledge and skills.Physical therapists have the right to expect co-operation from their colleagues.Physical therapists provide honest, competent and accountable professional services.Informed consent protects the individual's freedom of choice and respects the individual's autonomy.In order to obtain the valid consent of patients for examination/assessment, intervention/treatment or participation in research, they must be informed of all potential and significant risks, benefits and likely outcomes of intervention/treatment, taking into account their age, emotional state and cognitive ability, to allow valid/informed consent to be given.They are intended to help member organisations and individuals interpret WCPT's ethical principles, with a particular view to supporting those physical therapy organisations wishing to develop codes of ethics that are consistent with WCPT's own ethical principles.

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