Dating shows from the 90s invalidating car insurance


That special decade really enabled people in the United States to just let lose and get silly, with some pretty ridiculous and awesome fashion trends as well as some amazing female talent.

As the American fashion and pop culture continued influencing the world, these women continued changing the face of music and film, paving the way for women all over the world to rise up and find their voice.

Just like Cher Horowitz, Emma is a horrible matchmaker, but her dedication to love, her friends, and happily ever afters keeps her trucking right along, blinding her to the actual affection she feels for the handsome Mr. The costumes are divine, the wit is even better.falls (literally) into a coma, finds herself mixed up in a lie that she's his fiancée, then falls in love with his brother (and the rest of his family).

In the hands of another actress, Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan co-star as strangers who discover their exes are dating each other, leading them to — and this really happens — set up a shop in an abandoned apartment directly across the street from their new love nest, all the better to watch them Unrequited love always makes for fine rom-com fodder, but this Ben Affleck-starring film pushes that idea to the brink.

Instead of chasing a woman (Joey Lauren Adams) who's just not interested in him, he chases a woman who is not interested in Another criminally underseen romance, George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer make total magic in this grown-up love story.

She plays a career girl so desperate to get ahead that she actually hires a dude (Jay Mohr, who has never been more charming) to pretend to be her fiancé (to approximate stability and all that).

It's criminally underrated, but it's also an essential, unexpectedly forward-thinking entry into the genre.9. She's definitely up there, and her ability to do the romance and the comedy in new and different ways certainly doesn't hurt.

Has anyone ever looked as appealing as Roberts does when a jewelry box nearly crushes her hand and she breaks out with that trademark full-mouthed laugh? Roberts's Vivian wins over Richard Gere's Edward with ease, but how could she not?

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