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I want to include some registration info on the email that the financial person gets when a payment occurs.Date: From: Yogesh Location: India This is very useful for me but How do I testing it before going to live. Date: From: Thomas Knopke Location: Hameln, Germany Pt.4: The custom variable used when sending TO Pay Pal, will be returned FROM Pay Pal as 'cm', (renamed for unknown reasons) so easily type: $user ID = $_GET['cm']; Works perfect in my codes ...For example when creating your button on Pay Pal you call the product “Product X” but in your website button code you send a variable called item_name this will change the product name.NOTE* The variable called custom is to be used named “custom”, you cannot rename it.So I would suggest for sending unique customer ID’s or your site member ID’s to use the field CUSTOM. PAYPAL BUTTONS' FOPR NON BUSINESS ACCOUNTS Go to, Profile, My selling preferences then click UPDATE on Pay Pal Buttons. The minimum information required is Name and Price, (I used a penny to test). Here you should enter the URL where the customer is to be taken after payment or if the payment is cancelled or fails.

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Date: From: Nancy Knox Location: Madison, ALHi Brian, I just added the custom input tag in the middle of the button code paypal generated.They did promise to call me back with a solution but #FAIL They even suggested I ask my question on a third party web developers forum like Stackoverflow, I did and there were 100’s of other people with the same problem!So after many frustrating hours I managed to solve the problem myself.So if you want to send a custom variable from your website to Pay Pal via a pay now button and have that variable returned to you this is a simple way to do it.Now to start with I do not believe you can choose your own variable names you have to use the pre defined variables as defined in the link below. cmd=p/pdn/howto_checkout-outside NOTE* Sending variables already defined when creating your payment button on Pay Pal will be overiden.You can then instantly update your database and mark that member as paid.

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