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Negatives: I'm only about 5'8", 145lbs (I do work out and go to the gym a lot, but will never be a huge, tall, beefy guy, which is a deal breaker for a huge % of women right off the bat, nothing I can do about that though), I'm not exactly a social butterfly in a group setting (although 1 on 1 with the right individual I can hit it off great), and I'm Jewish (totally open to dating women of different faiths or agnostic/unaffiliated, but a LOT of women, at least in this town, specifically are looking for guys who have a strong Christian faith).Not sure if the religion factor is of the same, greater, or lesser importance in Phoenix compared to Denver and/or other cities.similar with the dating market-- wouldn't you expect? I have a lot of things going for me, and some things working against me, some of which I can improve on, some which I have no control over.The positives: I'm well educated, have a great career going for me, above average income for someone my age, great at one-on-one conversations, I've been told by many that I have a great sense of humor, very mature for my age, etc.Most of the women take care of themselves, although plastic surgery(which I never cared much for) is common even among younger girls. Scottsdale women tend to be older, and some say there are a lot of golddiggers in Scottsdale. I passed my 20s long ago, so am not qualified to give definite advice !!!One thing I've noticed about the valley is that there tends to be a lot of older single people, also there seems to be a lower percentage of married people. Question's too broad-what's it like compared with where exactly? You have to make the effort to circulate and to find places.Question's too broad-what's it like compared with where exactly? You have to make the effort to circulate and to find places.

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BTW, for the posters here who don't know, I used to live in Tempe from 2004-2008 when I went to ASU, but I almost never dated, mainly because I was a complete idiot back then with my head buried in the sand.

Did great in school, graduated with a 4.0, but neglected the incredible social opportunities I had back then. Would be great if I could take what I know now/ the confidence I have now, and go back in time 5, 6, years, unfortunately that's not possible. I still like the Phoenix area a lot, and would consider moving back there next year if I could find a good job.

I don't have that vast network of friends, since the people I grew up with have all gone their separate ways. Also, NYC has a very different mix of ethnic/racial groups than Denver; Denver, like much of middle America, seems to be dominated by white people of northern/central European descent-- NYC is much more diverse and has a huge mix of people from all over the world.

You see a lot more brunettes in NYC; in Denver they seem to be a small minority.

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