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Who To Buy For: A wicked temptress and outrageous flirt.

“Blooming over time, it’s a good flower to say ‘I’m sorry’…

Are you the sort of guy who, come Valentine’s Day, finds himself utterly dumbfounded in the florists because all flowers look the same to you?

And with each flower’s special meaning “saying” something different, are you worried your ham-fisted selection will accidentally tell your partner that you want to break up with her or something equally calamitous on the day of love? Roses are so intrinsically tied to passion and romance, they always impress.

If you look closely and use your imagination, they’re quite, erm, womanly in their own way. What They Say: Every type of orchid has own subtle meaning.

But they generally signify beauty, luxury and strength.

Include dark red (meaning beauty), purple (majesty) and pink (admiration).

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