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One only has to walk down Soi 22 a short while and make the first left turn to be right in front of the shop which has a small storefront but clear signage marking it.To anyone who has some awareness of what the industry is like in different pars of the world Bit Style was clearly created by Japanese proprietors.On the other hand there is a certain benefit to the Japanese shop style that lays all the rules out in the open before hand so that there will be no confusion even when the provider and the punter speak entirely different languages.You know what you’re going to get at Bit Style and there’s a certain comfort in that.A thirty minute blowjob session is available for 1300 Baht () with the option to add another women for 1200 Baht more.The women will get topless on request and sometimes on their own in either type of session and high quality Japanese lubes are provided.When I first visited I was expecting something along the lines of Akane but I soon discovered that I was mistaken.

Even though it’s located in a side alley that doesn’t get much traffic the place is not difficult to find.A finish on the breasts is available in the handjob session for an extra 200 Baht and the blowjob session can be extended an extra 5 minutes for free.There is also a VIP room available for an extra 100 Baht that includes a “head and ball massage” but I can’t comment on it.It’s the closest thing to a Japanese I have ever seen outside of the land of the rising sun itself.While I prefer many Thai blowjob bars to most of the blowjob bars open to foreigners in Tokyo I must say that Bit Style is a very nice shop.It has managed to combine the straight forward Japanese concept with cleanliness, organization and some of the best looking ladies in the sucking subsection of the adult entertainment industry.

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