Denise ho and joey yung dating

Jiuyun wrote, “In my small universe, there exists a little sun.Amidst your constructed kingdom, I am a little speck of dust.” Denise’s fans–who have long embraced their idols’ alleged bisexuality–were eager to accept Jiuyun as Denise’s new lover.One fan wrote to Jiuyun, “Please be our ‘Yi So’ [the wife of Denise]!” Another fan asked Jiuyun to take good care of Denise’s wounded heart.

On Weibo, Denise often bantered with the Taiwanese actress as well.

Last Saturday, Hocc announced her true sexual orientation, that she is in fact a lesbian at the Hong Kong Gay Pride Parade. Yesterday reporters contacted Joey's manager, Mani Fok, to ask her about Hocc's comment on Joey's sexual orientation.

Joey instantly became the media's target for interviews and the other day, Hocc ends up dragging Joey into the situation when reporters asked if Joey is bisexual? Mani said: "Joey will not be accepting interviews right now, she is in a very bad mood! ) Actually Joey respects Hocc's personal decision, and as a friend she really does support her.

The fan wrote, ‘If Denise is in Taiwan, please take care of her!

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In April, Denise allegedly admitted that she had a new girlfriend.

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