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It is not the same as American conservativism, which sees a value in a small state.In Russia, conservatives are statists - valuing undivided political power, with economic power rooted in and subordinate to political power.Liberals, to paraphrase Anna Karenina, are all alike; but conservatives are all conservative in their own way.While liberals insist on universal human rights and pursuit of a single globalised world, Conservatives place a value on differences, uniqueness, sovereignty, and identity, and try to guard and defend their own exceptionalism from a single, encroaching world order.

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First, Russians like Americans, while not adverse to hearing the opinions of foreigners when it comes to domestic politics, certainly do not or should not be expected to take them into account.2.

During his third term as President, Vladimir Putin has begun to distinguish himself as a conservative, a Russian conservative, and understanding what this means will have considerable value for those seeking to understand the future of Russia.

The swing towards conservative ideas is partly due to things happening in Russia, but also in large part a response to what is happening in the world: as Francis Fukuyama has shown, it is the statist right, rather than the radical left, that has won the battle of ideas in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Today, one can see the echoes of this formula in Putin’s policies.

In his first term, he cut Russia’s oligarchs down to size.

Russia cannot return to the old Soviet model – the premises for it are totally lacking in Russian society.

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