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“Rotations give you the opportunity to not close doors on people who may be great for you.People who get involved too quickly shut out others because they don’t rotate dates.“I feel like I would stop immediately if I met someone I really liked.” Gretchen, a former multi-dater who is now in a committed, long-term relationship, says: “Having a rotation worked for me, and I had fun.

And, as I continue to meet more men, I've realised that perhaps I been distracting myself from the lingering pain of my last relationship and the uncertainty of my career.

And, since I don't have a top-notch memory, it also requires keeping a handy list in my phone.

The logic behind multi-dating isn’t rooted so much in the need to distract oneself with a bunch of dudes following a breakup (although it totally can be) as it is in what men have long called "playing the field.” And, it's certainly not a new concept.

During my multiple nights of dinners, drinks, and flirting, I've been honest about that last serious relationship and that I’m currently “not looking for anything serious.” I always assumed this implied, “I’m seeing other people, you got that?

” And, that by being transparent, I’d prevent hurt feelings or building up certain dudes’ expectations.

Now that I'm older, I usually tend to only have strong feelings for one guy at a time.”Though dating a horde of people can feel fun and freeing, for most adventurers, it isn’t entirely sustainable.

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