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Nanea spreads out to 7,503 roomy yards, courtesy of Bandon Dunes architect David Mc Lay Kidd, but they could shorten it by 3,000 yards and you still wouldn't see anyone else.

Ben Hogan used to practice here for 30 straight days every spring to prepare for the Masters. With only about 100 members and a steeplechase worth of hurdles to clear in order to get in, it's no wonder that little has changed there in 100 years.Hirono, Kobe, Japan: In a nation that prides itself on custom and formality, its finest club illuminates those virtues perfectly.If you think obtaining inexpensive Kobe beef is tough, try getting a tee time at Hirono.Golf's Most Exclusive Clubs: The courses featured on our ranking of the world's best are always challenging and often beautiful, but some of them will never be accused of being welcoming, even to the paying members!These are our picks as the most exclusive clubs in the world, places where even Jack Nicklaus can be turned away.Brookline, as it is often known, is the very first "country club" in the United States, dating to 1882, and was another of the USGA's founding clubs.

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