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In August 2015, Facebook and Twitter's default video player settings led for many users to witness a murder uploaded by its perpetrator just minutes after it had occurred due to the platform's autoplay settings.

Oliver & Raney, 2011 discuss several reasons individuals may generally seek out negative content, including fulfilling cathartic and purging needs, making downward social comparisons, maintaining bad moods, and learning information that may ultimately help one deal with negative or unhappy circumstances.

Lowered memory of the events before the point of disgust elicitation and increased following were also reported as the fight of flight 'freeze' response is initiated.As such it's hypothesied that people have various motivations to seek out disturbing content, real or otherwise and that use of disgust in media and increase its engagement potential.of western journalists by ISIS were increasingly in the news,; videos spreading simply via Twitter and basic social media channels, have created a sickening association between the internet and images of gruesome death.Other users like to 'warn' users they whilst they personally cannot vouch for their existence, that they should be careful because they are 'unfortunately real'.The alleged existence of such websites are perpetuated by You Tubers such as Takedownman and Some Ordinary Gamers, fraudulent testimonials, Often fake top level domain names will be required for access.What was delivered instead was a troll video and a fake FBI take-down notice.

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