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” He figured he could do it better and held his first Sci-Fi Speed Dating event at a convention called Celebration 5. Currently, the speed dating gig is not Glitch’s main job and seems more of a hobby.He explains, “We honestly don’t care if we make a dime.We were all there on the same level, putting ourselves out there to meet new people.We each got a note card, a pen, and a badge with a number on it. When that time was up, the men would move down a chair.Tonight, TLC is airing a new two part special called ‘Geek Love.’ The special focuses on Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, as he sets up speed dating events at several comic-cons and includes interviews with some of the “geeks” that participate in them.In an interview with EW, Glitch stated that the idea of Sci-Fi Speed Dating began after a disastrous speed dating experience he had at another convention.We'd both have a chance to write the other person's number on the note card if we liked them. Then we got our slips of paper with the guys' names and numbers and disappeared off into the con again. Those three minutes aren't meant to be spent impressing someone or proving you know more about this fandom or that movie, it's to show off how passionate you are about something and share that with the person in the chair across from you. Passion for something you believe in can be a turn on and, sometimes, that can lead to a different kind of passion.At the end of the session, the guys would go write their names, badge numbers, and phone numbers or emails on sheets marked with the girls' numbers.

Janice continued as a closet geek as her thirst and love for sci-fi grew and was only second to her love of baking.

“It was not fun,” he said, “and they were really long dates.

Eight minutes is a long time to cold-talk to somebody!

It’s what makes my speed dating work a little better than the average.”Below are a few clips from tonight’s episode.

‘Geek Love’ airs tonight on TLC with part one at 9 pm ET/PT and part two following at ET/PT.

One guy just listed random topics in rapid fire until we found something we shared a common interest in: Anime? villains (Daleks and the Weeping Angels, if you were curious), and bond over what made them so evil, and so great.

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