Georgina dorsett dating footballer

One of the hottest wags back in the day, Oksana Anderson dated Christian Wilhelmsson for a few years not sure whats going on now.

She was born in Russia but moved to sweden at very young age.

She is german top model and a TV personality, unlike other women in the list she is actualy smart and finished marketing degree.

She has already featured in some top magazine and often seen in Germany Tv shows.

Former AC Milan player Matri scored a beauty in Federica Nargi, who is a famous tv personality in Italy and former miss Miss Cotonella and Miss Rome.

Danielle Bux is alot younger than Gary but they have been together for several years now.

She was a professional model and posed for magazines like Maxim etc.

Numerous of television personalities have become the heart throb of innumerable individuals, some are admired for their acting skills where as others for their dressing sense, style, attitude, overall appearance, etc.

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