Gestures dating

Well men rarely just come out with what there’re thinking, especially on a first date with someone that they really don’t know that well yet.

It's something you can look back on because since day one and so forth, you were treated as a priority. The idea of 'dates' is slowly dying when it absolutely shouldn't be, especially for younger men and women.

If only things were done and handled like they used to be.

It's not entirely that the new generation is to blame for why love and relationships are the way they are.

A gentle touch in return, however swift or friendly in nature, will tell him that he’s doing OK and it’s inviting him to carry on.

Body language gestures can tell you a lot about how a person feels and, whilst many of us are quite capable of telling a lie, few of us can control our body language.

It's a damn shame that some people consider it flirting if you "like" someone's post. It's nothing special because guess what — your S/O probably just liked another account's post while scrolling through their feed. My phone is practically glued to me and if I like you enough, I will answer you in a timely manner unless I'm working or actually busy. Wasn't it just so nice knowing that the younger you were, "asking" someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend was actually a thing? Respect is given when it's received— I don't think I can preach this enough.

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