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In the west, speed dating has been around for decades, but back home, it has become popular only in the past year or so.

So when a friend of mine, who lives in Noida, suggested speed dating, I liked the idea and got registered for one such event in NCR.

While I won’t say I was floored by any of the girls I met, but I liked the experience.

And I think, that’s fine.” While Jaipur’s youngsters are warming up to the idea of speed dating, such events haven’t been organised in the city so far.

Prateek Arora of a Delhi-based speed dating company, who recently tried to host an event in Jaipur, unsuccessfully, says, “We have been organising speed dating events in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

I had good time chatting with some of the girls, who I found were quite like-minded.” Any cons? I had to pay `3,500 for one event and it only included a welcome drink.” A sound engineer from Jaipur, Deepak Joshi*, says, “Unlike social networking sites, in speed dating, you get to meet the girl in person.

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