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It is hard getting back to where you fit in the scheme of things as well as acceptance.

Alice Springs was a wild place to say the least, it still is.

I don’t agree with Indigenous hunting and fishing rights that permit the killing of endangered species at all.) Tracker was firmly convinced of the need for Indigenous people to get an education so that they were equipped to deal with the constantly changing landscape of Indigenous politics. It must have been before the so-called A team of Aboriginal negotiators went to talk to Paul Keating.

It was at one of those meetings that, in the midst of the economic benefits of native title, Tracker made this declaration that stunned me – that he was the only Aboriginal economist in the room!

So she was not only dealing with the sick and issuing medication, fixing people’s wounds and boils, or sores and also skin rashes. She did everything from go to whoa, whatever medical.

If someone had died in the camp she was the one who dealt with it. (p.34)She didn’t always get support from the authorities about keeping siblings together either, and Tracker ended up in Darwin for high school while his brothers stayed on Croker Island until it was eventually closed down in 1967.

(I recognise that I’m not a stakeholder, but I’m a bit ambivalent about Indigenous land owners getting involved in projects that are environmentally dubious.

Alexis Wright is a member of the Waanyi nation of the southern highlands of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

If a woman gave birth she was the one who dealt with it. Tracker says that the island was paradise in comparison to later on…

Because they were Stolen Generation, the boys had no country: Getting back to Alice and getting back to Central Australia, it was extremely difficult finding out where you belonged.

Aboriginal lawyers were by this time a dime a dozen. I had not seen many Aboriginal doctors, and never an Aboriginal economist. (p.242) Tracker’s vision was for Indigenous people to own the land so that they could be economically independent, having meaningful work by running cattle stations and so on.

Mansell credits Tracker with Aboriginal landowners having agreements with diamond and bauxite mines in the Kimberley and Cape York, and he says it all began with It will be interesting to see if it wins the Stella…the book was also shortlisted for the 2018 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards.

Sometimes it’s not easy to form a neat and tidy picture of events.

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