Jpa entitymanager merge not updating

For result, open the My SQL workbench and type the following queries. For result, open the My SQL workbench and type the following queries. To Find an employee we will get record from database and display it. package com.tutorialspoint.eclipselink.service; import javax.persistence. In this operation, Entity Transaction is not involved any transaction is not applied while retrieving a record. package com.tutorialspoint.eclipselink.service; import javax.persistence.

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All the service classes named as Create, Update, Find, and Delete Persistence; import com.tutorialspoint.eclipselink.entity. Employee; public class Create Employee In the above code the create Entity Manager Factory () creates a persistence unit by providing the same unique name which we provide for persistence-unit in file.

I have 2 classes like this : Message(id, title, content) Message Employee(id, message Id, employee Id, read Flag) and 2 tables like this : MESSAGE(mess_id, mess_title, mess_content) MESSAGE_EMPLOYEE(mess_empl_id, mess_id, empl_id, read_fg) Mapping files : Hi, In my project, we are maintaining the bidirectional relationship between Parent and Child using @One To Many( mapped By) in Parent and @Many To One in Child class.

Based on the row action property on Parent/Child we call Entity Manager.merge() on Parent and Child separately (although both calls may happen in the same transaction).

Follow the hierarchy for this example as below: Entities are nothing but beans or Models, in this example we will use Employee as entity.

eid, ename, salary, and deg are the attributes of this entity. Table; @Entity @Table public class Employee In the above code, we have used @Entity annotation to make this POJO class as entity.

I have 2 basic entities "Parent" and "Child" with bidirectional orphan Removal One To One association between them.

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