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Rice's humiliation concluded the shows, which would run shy of two hours. Spenny assistant director Jamie Tiernay expressed interest in a 60-minute tour documentary entitled Kenny vs. Shortly before the first show Tiernay began a Kickstarter campaign, however it did not reach its goal by the April 4, 2014 deadline.In a later update, Tiernay announced he and tour organizer Trixstar had come to an agreement that would allow him to direct Kenny vs. It is unclear how the unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign will affect the film's schedule.Jenny Jay said of the show that, "the greatest part about seeing the show is that viewers realize that the two people they get to know in their living rooms really are the same people in real life," and stated it was "not meant for the faint of heart".Vincent Mc Dermott of the Fort Mc Murray Today wrote that, "While the show may appear cruel and mean-spirited, criticizing Hotz for his dark humour is missing the point.Kenny and Jeff will be covering politics and popular culture, with the occasional guest (including, he hopes, Martin Short some day.) Here’s Kenny Hotz on life without Spencer, Hebrew school, the NHL lockout, and his new “no mandate” radio show. Q: A: It’s funny because I’m not really a radio guy and my fans have been bugging me for years, telling me to do a podcast, but podcasts are stale and they’re dying now. I’ve been all over the world, but I’m a Toronto boy. I don’t wanna sound like a cheezer, but we’re f–king famous here, it’s crazy. Just prior to his runway show, two of Spenny's models quit, forcing him to seek help from people passing on the street. Kenny drank lots of coffee during the competition, while Spenny decided to try and win without using any artificial stimulants.Kenny used an electric wheelchair at a museum to expend as little energy as possible.

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Since each of their solo efforts, Hotz has worked more dominantly as a producer than an actor, partnering with Google to run Canada's first premium You Tube comedy channel, while Rice's X-Rayted documentary series remains unreleased. Canada tour allowed Hotz and Rice to interact with fans of the series, talk about the making of their most notorious episodes and show footage that was legally or otherwise objectionably barred from airing on television.Spenny used the flags of different nations to make a series of outfits for men.Kenny bought various items at the dollar store and put them together to make a series of outfits for women.Spenny reels which broadcasters considered too graphic or outrageous to air on television. Spenny, and other members of the show's crew accompanied Hotz and Rice on the tour.The tour initially featured only 14 shows, however its website suggests that Kenny vs. Canada will actually continue with a new batch of dates to be announced "soon." The Showcase series Kenny vs. Entering the new year, stars Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice took their careers separate ways and each announced their own shows would air in the summer of 2011.a reality series in which Kenny wanders a Nevada desert naked, tries to get his mother laid, and enlists a Jewish community to help him build a mosque.

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