Like adult chat network


A network designed for building and strengthening communities, Next Door connects people within geographic neighborhoods, helping them talk about things that are important to the places where they live.

Part Craigslist (with a classified section), part Yelp (where users can recommend local businesses), and part Facebook (with neighbors able to post updates and comments on other people’s posts), Next Door pulls the seemingly invisible layer of social interaction out of the web and lays it onto the real world.

Simply by reading their personalized news feed, doctors can even get continuing medical education credits using the i OS or Android app.

Meanwhile, the adults-only sites make it very easy to meet new women.If that’s so, Rally Point is the largest family gathering online.A site that mixes the professional side of serving in the Armed Forces with the personal, Rally Point lets users weigh in on discussions on everything from military policy to post-military life.Doximity is a social network specifically for doctors, allowing them to network with other medical professionals in this secure, closed network.By using the National Provider Information Registry to authenticate doctors signing up, it assures all users are legitimate M. And with HIPPA-secure and encrypted interactions, safety is built into the network.Users can then point their i Phone’s camera to show their remote helpers the situation at hand — a door sign, an expiration date, a piece of mail.

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