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She didn’t want to waste her time, but relationships do need time to grow.” Image: Corbis #7 The biggest turn-off for a guy...“..a woman he sees as ‘high maintenance’ or ‘materialistic’.

Guys pick up clues from the way you dress (whether you’re head-to-toe in designer togs), how you speak to wait staff, and even little things like if you insist on drinking only mineral water!

He might turn out to be a keeper.” #2 Work and love — it's not a trade-off“I’ve met many young women who said ‘love can wait’ because they wanted to build their careers first.

By the time they decided it was time to find a partner, it was too late.

Character will determine how successful you can be in life and the corporate world,” said Nora Abdul Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer and Member of the Group Executive Committee of Maybank Berhad, during her graduation address.

Malaysians are good at ushering in the New Year on an amusing note.

In typical east coast Malaysian style, the festive greeting should have been “Mary Christmas”. Then, on Christmas Day, the popular king of religious comedy, at shops belonging to non-Muslim businessmen.

Most men plan to foot the bill anyway, but they will observe how the woman reacts when the bill arrives – does she reach for her wallet? (Yes, guys can tell when it’s just a perfunctory ‘thanks’.) These things tell him whether she’s a prima donna type or not.” #5 Take it offline“You chat with a guy online for ages… If you’re Whatsapping a guy, drop hints like, ‘Hey, there’s a cool concert in town. ’” #6 Cut out the judgemental attitude“I have operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

One difference I’ve noticed is that Malaysian women tend to be more willing to go on second dates – something we can learn from.

Instead of casual hookups, Halal Speed Dating is about dignified and chaperoned meet-ups with the intention of marriage.

In fact, we do not condone the modern dating that is commonly practiced."According to Norhayati, most common dating apps and matchmaking websites often lead to adultery prior to marriage, which is forbidden in Islam.

The thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice work while searching for love.

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