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In the top one per cent of universities globally, our reputation for research and teaching excellence means our students are in demand from employers around the world. You will look back on this day with a lot of pride and nostalgia - and you should.The first intercultural exchange between Monash Malaysia and National Ilan University (NIU), Yilan County, Taiwan involved six students from the School of Arts and Social Sciences, and 14 NIU students. Your parents have given you their all, and so today, is their day too.

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By the time they decided it was time to find a partner, it was too late.

Most men plan to foot the bill anyway, but they will observe how the woman reacts when the bill arrives – does she reach for her wallet? (Yes, guys can tell when it’s just a perfunctory ‘thanks’.) These things tell him whether she’s a prima donna type or not.” #5 Take it offline“You chat with a guy online for ages… If you’re Whatsapping a guy, drop hints like, ‘Hey, there’s a cool concert in town. ’” #6 Cut out the judgemental attitude“I have operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

One difference I’ve noticed is that Malaysian women tend to be more willing to go on second dates – something we can learn from.

"I can tell people are looking for something new," said Norhayati, as reported in The Express Tribune, who noted that the event is attracting interest from people of all religions."I brought my parents as they are the best people who can guide me to find someone.

I'm focusing on finding someone who can willingly accept me for who I am," said Nurnadille Edlena, 24, who participated in the bi-annual matchmaking event in Kuala Lumpur.

Image: Corbis #1 Love at first sight is a lie“Many couples I know didn’t fall hard for each other immediately – they slowly grew to love each other.

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