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The term Messianic Judaism was coined by members of Protestant communions at the turn of the 20th century to designate those Jews who had embraced Protestant Christianity but wished to maintain some Jewish customs and rites, such as observance of the Sabbath on Friday night-Saturday night, the wearing of prayer shawls, dietary regulations, and circumcision for sons.

Notable converts from Judaism who attempted to convert other Jews are more visible in historical sources beginning around the 13th century, when Jewish convert Pablo Christiani attempted to convert other Jews.

It was born among the young Jews and gentiles who had experienced a great awakening.

As such this movement was seen as a fulfillment of the Ezekiel 37 Dry Bones prophecy where verses 1 through 8 apply to the establishment of Israel as a nation when the bones come together and verses 8 through 14 when life is given to the bones.

The name of his Shalom International was changed to Messianic Jewish Movement International (MJMI), while Ruth Fleischer notes that “Brotman had perhaps the clearest vision of the Messianic congregation.

He established the synagogue and, like Laurence Duff-Forbes, referred to himself as a ‘rabbi’ (literally translated ‘teacher’).” Manny, often called by many the “Father of the Modern-Day Messianic Jewish Movement,” was instrumental in the development of the foundational structure of the movement through materials, terminology, organizations and congregations.

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These are Manny Brotman, Martin and Yohanna Chernoff, Ray Gannon, and Dan Juster.

Members of the movement were called Jesus people, or Jesus freaks.

Its predecessor, the Charismatic Movement, had already been in full swing for about a decade.

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Mark Kinzer writes: “The cultural ferment of the 1960s threw Hebrew Christians in America and their institutions into the same turmoil that characterized the rest of American society.

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