Playing lineage 2 without updating

You may have noticed improved photo quality in the Android Snapchat app in recent months.

Believe it or not, this is because Snapchat only just recently started using a decade-old camera API that predates every Android phone in existence.

Every site and IP that your computer translated using a DNS is saved to memory that is called a “DNS Cache”.

Sometimes a DNS Cache becomes corrupted or outdated and once this happens, you won’t be able to connect to some sites.

There are DNS servers that are called root servers and there are only 13 of its kind in the world.A VPN will usually come in handy when you’ve exhausted other troubleshooting steps such as restarting your modem, connecting directly to your modem if you are currently using Wifi, and contacting your ISP..Additionally, if you are in the same region with the server you connect to and you’re still getting high latency, a VPN may help you connect to a less congested route which in turn should improve your overall latency.Listed below are a few more potential downfalls to using a VPN service.How many times have you ever sent a message on Facebook that you immediately wanted to undo? A hop is part of the path between a starting point and a destination on the Internet.

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