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The annual non-profit film festival celebrates worldwide film and video works that portray daily life in GLBT communities, and includes both positive and critical portrayals.

Each night is composed of different short and feature-length films fitting various themes.

SIGLFF was founded by Allen Cole and derived from the student-sprouted gay and lesbian film festival at Fresno State University.

Anyone can participate or attend the events during Sacramento Pride Festival, and in fact, many do.

With Sacramento being home to 9.8 percent (6th highest) of the nation’s gay population, Pride is one of the larger events in California and the biggest fundraiser for the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center.

Each year, the festival includes vendor booths, live entertainment, food and even a dance tent.

While the festival is the opportunity to bring awareness to the LGBT community, it is not limited to LGBT members only.

Many of these serve charitable and educational purposes, and have gained significant support and backing from members outside of the LGBT community.

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