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While I don't think there is a need for a webcam feature on Planet Romeo, since you can already see each other on Skype, Face Time or any other video calling enabled messenger, I think this could be a made as a feature for plus users to lure more guys into a subscription and hopefully keep subscription prices stable.

At least I am annoyed nearly every time when I get a video call on Gayroyal.

SECURISED PRIVATE NO-RECORDABLE, AND OBLIGATORY MUTUALLY for obliging everybody to show his face without waiting for the other one first !

There is more and more fake and false profils with photos series stolen on the web, and false profils from african guys of subsaharian countries and not only.

Those users are typically blocked for at least half an hour and sometimes as long as an hour or more, depending on the number of people who have requested that they be blocked.

The level of anonymity of the site makes it difficult to consider prosecuting anyone for any type of act that they want to perform, therefore it has become a breeding ground for nudity, masturbation and age-bashing with users over 30 frequently lampooned for being “too old”.

Visitors can enter and leave the conversation at any point by starting a different random conversation if they get bored.

Keep in mind that you are unlikely to find your true love in a gay Chatroulette site.

These generally are not people looking for the love of their life; more likely they are looking for their love of the minute.

Other times, photos are old, not taken correctly, not corresponding to the reality...

It's becoming hard to know if they are real or not.

The whole concept was created by Andrey Ternovsky, a Russian high school student who got the idea after a series of Skype chats with friends. The gay version of Chatroulette is based off of the initial site created by Ternovsky, but ostensibly is just for those interested in the gay lifestyle.

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