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Amy was looking hot with a short tight dress clinging to her skinny yet voluptuous body.

She had very large tits, which didn’t need supporting with a bra, and long blonde hair.

She agreed to meet Tony at his flat on a Friday evening.

Before she made her way out she drank several shots of tequila to take the edge off.

“But I need to get fucked soon, my pussy is so wet” Soon all the guys were naked and Amy was covered in oil.

“Ok baby I want you to suck on this.” Darren had a big cock, even bigger than Tony’s 7 inches.

Amy was an adventurous 20 year old girl and loved all kinds of sex with both men and women, so when her boyfriend Tony suggested a gangbang she was more than willing to take him up on the offer.

The thought of having several men touching and fucking her at once was a real turn on.

She loved being a whore and letting all these men do what they wanted to her.

She cried out “Someone fuck me, someone fuck me now! Darren picked up Amy and laid her on the floor, she was quivering with anticipation at the sight of sixteen hard cocks all around her. Darren straddled Amy and placed his hard cock in between her big tits.

Amy was getting even more turned on at the sight of a queue of cocks waiting to get deep throated.

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