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The sight of the throbbing member made Amy squeal and she dropped to her knees and started to suck.

She was excellent at blowjobs and was soon taking his whole cock down into her throat, she came up for air and looked at Darren, “ I want you to fuck my mouth I want all of you to fuck my mouth.” Darren didn’t need any encouragement and soon began banging his cock into Amy’s throat while holding the back of her head.

She quickly downed the drink and turned to look at the guys “ Which one of you wants to feel my tits?

” She did not want to wait around any longer, she wanted cock, and she wanted lots of it.

“But I need to get fucked soon, my pussy is so wet” Soon all the guys were naked and Amy was covered in oil.

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The camera turned Amy on even more and she looked into the lens as a dozen hands caressed every inch of her body.

“I’m going to get fucked liked never before tonight, I am going to get it in every hole because I am dirty, dirty, cock craving whore, I need cocks inside me now.” Her eyes were wild with passion, and she could feel her pussy dripping.

The hands were all over her slippery body and she reached down to release some cock.

Then he started to rub his hands all over her tits.

The feeling made her moan with pleasure, and the others began to join in, soon she had hands and oil all over her body.

As she went into the flat she could already feel her juices starting to flow. She knew most of them quite well and found herself even more turned on knowing they would soon be all over her hard body.

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