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All said and done, it’s amazing how much you can learn while having a blast of fun.A good launching kit: Estes 1469 Tandem-X Launch Set Turn off the T.Cook your catch of the day and enjoy a good meal together.Good places to fish: – Glenwood Spring, Colorado – Mountain Home, Arkansas – Traverse City, Michigan – Bozeman, Montana – Minocqua, Wisconsin – Apalachicola, Florida – Nantucket, Massachusetts – Bend, Oregon – Guntersville, Alabama – Morehead City, North Carolina – Missoula, Montana – Ely, Minnesota – Page, Arizona – Driggs, Idaho – Jasper, Texas – Tahlequah, Oklahoma – Beaufort, South Carolina – Eufaula, Alabama – Redding, California – Montauk, New York – Venice, Louisiana Not much else is more manly than adventuring the great outdoors and spending time in nature.It doesn’t mean we must always talk face to face with our sons and share our feelings.

Put some bait on the hook, cast your line and wait for the catch of the day.Never let the thought of winning determine who’s right and who’s right.Let your son be the mastermind and visionary behind this fun project. Let’s face it, if it goes boom, bang or catches on fire, it’s fun for boys. Add in combustion that propels a rocket into space at a modest max of 670 feet per second and things get really interesting.Most fathers will find themselves needing to balance both wanting to win and wanting their sons to have fun.But truth be told, what it’s really about is enjoying the process of teaching your son things like: Cutting sand wood, painting, how aerodynamics and friction works, and much more.Plus, chances are you might learn a thing or two in the process.. No matter if you’re out on the dock or in the middle of nowhere deep sea fishing.

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