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Jack met Emily (Yasha Jackson), and the two began dating, to Carrie's impotent fury.

Emily pressured Jack to have Haynes transfer the consciousness of Carrie into a stuffed monkey, which was then given to Parker.

Each electrocution is set to last 10 seconds, as 15 seconds or more would disrupt the hologram and erase it. Nish reveals herself to be Clayton's daughter: she sabotaged the museum's AC so that Haynes would become thirsty and accept her poisoned water.

She asserts that her father was actually innocent, but the state never overturned the conviction.

Meanwhile, Dawson also used the interface to enhance sex with his girlfriend.

A senator who had been poisoned was brought into the hospital one night and as he died, Dawson remained connected to him, experiencing his death via the implant.

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Haynes allowed Jack to put Carrie on "pause", infuriating her whenever he allowed her consciousness again.

Haynes convinced a man named Jack (Aldis Hodge) to transfer the consciousness of his comatose wife Carrie (Alexandra Roach) into his own brain.

Carrie initially enjoyed sharing the sensations that Jack felt in the real world, particularly hugs with their toddler son Parker.

Eventually, Parker grew tired of the toy and abandoned it, with Carrie trapped inside.

In the present, Haynes tells Nish that the transfer of Carrie into the stuffed monkey was declared illegal and led to his firing.

She pushes the electric chair simulation to its maximum, allowing Haynes to experience the full force of the torture and finally putting Clayton's consciousness to rest.

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