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She pushes the electric chair simulation to its maximum, allowing Haynes to experience the full force of the torture and finally putting Clayton's consciousness to rest.Taking along with her the stuffed monkey and a "souvenir" of Haynes in eternal agony (thereby preserving a copy of his consciousness), and before returning to the car, Nish removes the device disabling the AC, which causes a short.Haynes then reveals that Carrie is still inside the stuffed monkey in the exhibit, since it is also illegal to delete her.Haynes and Nish move on to the main attraction of the museum: a dismal hologram projection of Clayton Leigh (Babs Olusanmokun), a convicted murderer, the details of whose crime were briefly shown in the previous segments on TVs.However, shared consciousness began to take a toll on the couple, as Jack lacked privacy and Carrie had no agency in the real world.

After his execution, Clayton found himself reborn as a hologram inside Haynes' museum.

Haynes convinced a man named Jack (Aldis Hodge) to transfer the consciousness of his comatose wife Carrie (Alexandra Roach) into his own brain.

Carrie initially enjoyed sharing the sensations that Jack felt in the real world, particularly hugs with their toddler son Parker.

Each electrocution is set to last 10 seconds, as 15 seconds or more would disrupt the hologram and erase it. Nish reveals herself to be Clayton's daughter: she sabotaged the museum's AC so that Haynes would become thirsty and accept her poisoned water.

She asserts that her father was actually innocent, but the state never overturned the conviction.

The episode first aired on Netflix, along with the rest of series four, on 29 December 2017.

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