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After been let in, was met with the other participants in the waiting room and were ordered to strip before moving into the play room. After a few minutes of us waiting in anticipation on what was about to happen to us, we were beckoned in and told to sit on the floor.

We were asked a number of pertinent questions which made me more at ease on the professionality of it all.

Next I had the pleasure of a couple of debutant strap on party goddesses – Ms Eva and Foxtress who were delightful, beautiful, charming and rather good at taking me up the bum with more assgasms, I lost count the number of.

These two goddesses will make a fine addition to the strap on party cabal.

You will have no concerns over hygiene – cleanliness, health and hygiene were expertly and swiftly administered with little fuss.

The goddesses made sure all their cocks were spotlessly clean after use.

I’d never been fucked in the ass before, but had been hoping to attend a Domina Party for a long time. Well, partly the eroticism of being just an ass in a (small crowd), partly a kink of mine about women undermining my idea of ‘masculinity’ in front of other men and women. I’ll remember with arousal their amused smiles at my silent shame-filled need, their laughter at my mid-fuck incoherent begging and and their sharp stares reminding me firmly to stay still if I wanted to keep feeling this good.

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I was encouraged to feed back during play and communicate all the way through, so I felt relaxed and safe all times.I had never come across a multi mistress strap on party before, as a strap on novice, only indulging a couple of times privately before.I decided to take the plunge (to be plunged) for the 2pm strap on party at Easter. Message the night before with detailed instructions on how to get to do venue, were really well taught out and helpful, especially for someone not from London.A really great selection of toys too of all sizes and shapes to explore… One thing I really should have been able to work out for myself – it’s a really good idea to stay fairly still when being anally penetrated by a large rubber dildo strapped to strong thrusting hips. Unfortunately the urge to wriggle and writhe is one I have not yet mastered, though I was getting a bit better after suffering the consequences of being a right squirmy little fuck.A relaxed, fun and kind atmosphere…I went home a very happy Easter bunny !!! I sought a very late invitation to the March strap-on party in London and was delighted to be permitted to attend. I remember wordlessly looking up at Goddess Cleo and Mistress Sandra, unable to speak but trying to communicate my hunger and desire and shameless wanton need at a rapid, vigorous thrusting fuck, or as only a moan communicated the delicious agonising fullness of a drawn out opening up as a cock head pressed slowly into me for the first time.As a virgin, I started small, but was carefully taken up the length and girth ladder over the course of the party. I remember getting an erection as I suddenly understood what that strange warm wet feeling along my own ass-crack had been and what I must have looked like.

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