Single mother dating russia

I want to meet a man who could become a faithful, reliable partner. As to the hard drinking I prefer beer and a good wine. By the way as for cuisine I like it very much when a man cooks. That's "The capital of Siberia" as it stands on the river Ob. I like it very much to go to the restaurants but my financial position doesn't afford to do it too frequently. And generally I prefer to spend my spare time with my friends. I can say about myself in addition I'm serious modest at the same time I'm merry cheerful tender and adventurous. I don't like the monotonous life and I'd like to find the man of my dream being close to my interests and views on life.

But for my complete happiness in life I miss meeting with my second half.

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Waiting Julia I am a white male from the USA and would like to report to you about a scammer named Galina from Moscow.

Thanks to it I have many happy minutes because I have found my satisfaction in it.

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I was born and live in a south-west of Siberia in the city Novosibirsk. I happen to be there with my friends and work-colleges. I go in for acerbic dancing and go to the sports ground. 2) To provide access to a computer, that some of our clients do not have.

You can me invite in the visitors to yourselves in the country? The truth, is a condition: we should test sympathy to each other (and consequently we need to exchange some more photo), and also you should pay to me the ticket on tourist visa.

In general(common), if you my offer, step behind you ... I am very glad, that you have written to me and my questionnaire has not remained without attention.

I want to have firm friendly family and children by loved man. Firstly, you are young and tall as I myself is not short and it's important for me that the man should be taller than me. There is no time to have a rest at all as I am engaged in accounting at the seven firms to have a comfortable life is necessary to work a lot though it's impossible to tell that it's good to live in Russia. I entered Novosibirsk's Institute of Economy and I graduated from it. There is a night beach "Niocom" here where we can bathe or dance at summer night. I wish we would have the true love, children and a friendly family. I have placed my at in the Internet through Marriage Agency 027, Photo Gallery 4) and the e-mail address what you use writing to me is an address of their computer.

I want the beautiful, romantic relationship based on love, confidence, sincerity, mutual understanding. I want to give all my endearment caress to the only man in the world. Though I like cookingmyself too and my preferable food is vegetarian. I have to have meals at the pizza-cafe or at the canteen because I work as an accountant and now I am working at my accounting report to give it the taxation inspection at the end of July. From it to the East there is the very Siberia stretching and all the tracks of trade and lines of industry run through that city. We get together on weekends to go the country for making the barbecue, walking along the beach. Generally I am very fond of music, dancing, singing. I am in luck as sometimes I have opportunities at work to be on business trips. Wherever he lives the important thing is that I should feel easy and comfortable being next to him.

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