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During this time our boat was pulling up to the shore and saw what was doing on and just sped away.

So we waited and theses guys ere eating and drinking from our cooler we were hoping our boat would show up but then one guy yelled out listen let get it on we will be gentle if we have to come get you guys we will fuck your husband up real bad he might not live.

So my wife said we have no choice and we headed in well these guys gave me a video camera and said you’regoing to make the movie and told my wife you going act like a slut and begged to be fucked and suck cock and your going to say you always wanted to do a crazy gang bang on vacation away from anyone that know you and you better not cry at all always act with a smile and your loving it.

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Then we heard a boat but did not see it and the sound went away so we went back into the water naked and was playing around.

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