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They grabbed the video and was several tapes long and they said on the way back that this will be in every xxx vido store in South America and its called American Slut wives on vacation.

So be careful when out on vacation away from the USA for any STD’s and we also told the story to law enforcement they had the America Embassy in South America but that all that happened. I looked at to see if I could see anything the police could use but the way they controlled us It looks like my wife loved every second of it begging for more cock everytime and laughing.

During this time our boat was pulling up to the shore and saw what was doing on and just sped away.

The guys said he won’t be back if he knows what good for him So the next three hours they all fuck the shit out of my wife she told them she was hurting and sore and they said it better then being killed right and she nodded her head.

When we got into the cabin cruiser it was a man and his wife and we headed out to sea. We have tons of gay latino's that want to show of their nude body and naked shaved cock on webcam.They all have a unique chatroom that you can join for free to have a hot live sex chat.Just before we left site of land his wife said she was not feeling well and her husband let her off near a small beach next to a Hwy.We went out to the open sea and after two hours we saw a small Island and the sand was like powder and bright and the water crystal clear he gave us a cooler with subs and and water with two cans of coke also a bottle of wine.They may be single, married or have a current partner, but these members seek casual affairs and sex with men and women wanting a casual sex meet in their local area or town.

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