Spanish dating cultures different from american relationship fatigue dating

I had to come up with what they had alike and different and in other essays it seemed a lot easier to write.3) I learned all about the two different types of compare and contrast writing styles.There's alternating, where you switch every other paragraph about topics and then there's divided where first half is about one topic and second half is about the other.The family structure, way of greeting each other, and language are all things that need to be brought to attention so each culture can understand one another and live happily in the same country. I like taking two different things and talking about what they have in common and how they're different.

In the American culture this would be seen as very inappropriate.

Now it is becoming easier for the two cultures to communicate.

This is the beginning of closing the gap between the two cultures.

Although there are many differences between these two cultures, there are also some similarities.

In both Hispanic and American cultures, family is put at the very top of the priority list. If there is any kind of family emergency, the rest of the family will be there for support.

It is very important for both cultures to be understanding and opening to the other culture.

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