Taylor lautner is he dating anyone


If there's one thing fans love most, it's on-screen relationships becoming Irl relationships — except when the co-stars already have partners — ahem, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr & Mrs.Billie Lourd went through what we hope will be the hardest experience of her life last December, and boyfriend Taylor Lautner was there by her side for that.Effortlessly combining fanastical elements alongside John Hughes-esque teenage angst, Twilight makes for the perfect guilty pleasure.

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But despite Stewart's alleged inability to smile, she's apparently quite the optimist because, it looks like she might be giving it another go.In news that would've led to more gasping and squealing if this were 2011, Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos have parted ways after a year of dating.The Twilight hunk is back on the market, ladies and gentlemen.Taylor Lautner and his girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos walk hand in hand while stepping out for a dinner date on Monday (February 3) in Los Angeles.The 21-year-old actor showed that chivalry is not dead by opening the car door for his 27-year-old girlfriend.Even as recently as May, the two still seemed joined at the hip, attending a Britney Spears concert together and posting about it.

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